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I’ve been tagged a loooong time ago, sorry for being late

1.How old are you? 19 (tomorrow;)
2.Favorite sports EVERY
3.Pepsi or Coca Cola  Coca Cola
4.Smoke or drink alcohol? Both
5.favorite color Purple and white
6.Dream job? Sports journalist
7.favorite food? Gnocchi have siblings? A sister and a step-brother
9.Where do you live? South-eastern Hungary, Békéscsaba
10.favorite drink? Orange juice need something? money :D

1. Do you have any best friend(s)? yes

2. Are you interested in sport? Especially in which disciplines? Every sport, every discipline :D

3. Last read book? True blood 11.

4. Have you ever been in relationship? yes

5. Are you in fandom? Which? A lot… :D Ski-jumping fandom, Pentaholics, F1-fanatics… and a lot more, these are the most significant :)

6. Is english your native language? No

7. Spring or summer? Summer

8. Do you like being alone? yes, sometimes this is the only thing I want

9. Do you belive in any religion or you are atheist, agnostic, deist or something? Basically I’m an atheist, but sometimes I feel like I need to communicate with something MORE than people, maybe the universe :P

10. Favourite subject(s) at school? None :D

11. Are you fangirling sometimes? ALWAYS :P


Anonymous asked:

Hey, I've heard you're 5 days older than Andreas Wellinger. That means your birthday is tomorrow. Happy Birthday! <3

OMG!! You remember!!! :)))) Yes, my birthday is tomorrow ;) 


Thank you :)



here’s the video: (x)

Danke für die Nominierung SWARCO Raiders Tirol
Natürlich mache ich auch mit bei der #icebucketchallenge und spende was für die Krankheit ALS.
Ich nominiere: Therese Johaug, Aksel Lund Svindal und Niki Lauda! Ihr habt 48 Stunden Zeit.

Thanks for the nomination SWARCO Raiders. i accept the IceBucketChallenge.
I donate and be part of this great movement to defeat the disease. and i nominate Therese Johaug, Aksel Lund Svindal and Niki Lauda! you have 48 hours. 

#ALSIceBucketChallenge #donate #accept

he did it and… I’M DEAD!!!!!!! who wants to fangirl with me? *-*
he nominated Niki Lauda, I’m laughing so hard :’DDDD

i will reblog this forever as a proof of my magical powers and Gregor’s perfection. amen

i just hope the flu is completely gone…otherwise, i will just hit him again whenever i see him

How…? *.*

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